Research during Harvard College Fellowship

Harvard College Fellowships are 1-2 year faculty appointments for scholars who’ve recently earned their doctorates. The fellowship facilitates independent scholarship and includes a lectureship component. For more information on my lecturing experience, please see the Teaching section of this website.

with Yaniv Erlich, Columbia University’s Department of Computer Science and the New York Genome Center

Investigating the utility of crowdsourced genomic and genealogical data for risk prediction, forensics, and anthropological studies. Helped create an AWS-based pipeline for crowdsourced genomic and genealogical data donation to science on the website.

Side projects:

  • Pedigree topology extraction from a GEDCOM family tree file (view on github)
  • Belief propagation for simple Mendelian traits on arbitrary pedigrees (view on github)
  • Genetic covariance matrix construction from GEDmatch relative finder match results (view on github)


  • Kaplanis J, Gordon A, Shor T, Weissbrod O, Geiger D, Wahl M, Gershovits M, Markus B, Sheikh M, Gymrek M, Bhatia G, MacArthur DG, Price AL, Erlich Y (2018). Quantitative analysis of population-scale family trees using millions of relatives. Science; also available on bioRxiv