Teaching during Harvard College Fellowship

Harvard College Fellowships are 1-2 year faculty appointments for scholars who’ve recently earned their doctorates. The fellowship facilitates independent scholarship and includes a lectureship component. My research used crowdsourced genomic and genealogical data to improve inference of disease risk, study patterns of recent human migration, and forensically reidentify providers of DNA samples. For more information on those projects, please see the Research section of this website.

The majority of my lectureship contribution was in the design and launch of LS 50, an intensive life science curriculum for freshman integrating physics, chemistry, math, and biology. LS 50 is a 50% time (four-course) commitment for freshmen encompassing daily ninety-minute lectures (!), rigorous problem sets, bi-weekly labs and recitation sections, and frequent exams – therefore a significant undertaking for faculty as well as students. I taught topics including multivariate calculus, computer science, statistical mechanics, thermodynamics, physical chemistry, and cell biology. For this work, I received the Harvard University Certificate of Teaching Excellence in 2016. I also designed and taught MCB 135: Introductory Systems Biology: the materials for that course are available in this GitHub repo.